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Shenzhen crown and moisture meter technology co., LTD., founded in 2004, is specialized is engaged in the infrared moisture meter, halogen moisture meter and heat testing machine development, the development, manufacture and sales of high-tech enterprises. Company from 1998 began to invest a lot of manpower and material resources committed to the development of high-end moisture meter, with independent intellectual property rights has reached dozens of products, at the same time with 10 patents.

Crown the company leading the two series of moisture meter by enterprises, universities and colleges, scientific research institutions and other industries are widely used in various production and experimental process, such as powder, engineering plastics, chemicals, additives, masterbatch, wood and plastic, etc., the equipment to fill the domestic blank in the field of high-end moisture meter application, and has set up a replace imports, to build the industry well-known "crown" brand and "SFY" brand, was the only one in the industry through the ISO9001 quality system certification of high-tech companies.

At the same time, a new generation of hot weightlessness tester can detect heat resistance of different types of products, such as additives, resin, profile, etc., can be the scene show the test data and are displayed in the form of curve. CCTV's news network has been tracking the sub-moisture meter continuously.

The development of the company:
It was founded in shenzhen in 2004
Shanghai branch was established in 2005
Changchun branch was established in 2009
Shenyang branch was established in 2012
The Harbin office was established in 2014



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